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Borrego Valley Pioneers (to 1945)

Once upon a time there was a place called Borego. Not Borrego Springs – the modern desert community wasn’t founded until 1946. No, Borego was a little homesteader community that grew up in the early 1900s.

When I started researching the history of the Borrego Valley I collected anything I could find on all of the early settlers – there weren’t that many of them, after all. My hope was to preserve the names of these early settlers and at least a little something about them. I used information from the county directories, voter registration lists, census rolls, homestead records, old newspapers, and even a few of the pioneers themselves.

Eventually I decided to summarize all these various notes into one list. It also includes early settlers in Clark Valley, Little Borego (now Ocotillo Wells) and the surrounding area, since they were often listed under Borego in the early records. I was fortunate to have Lelah Porter (a Borego resident from 1927-38) read through that original list and add a number of helpful notes and explanations.

This list is far from complete and far from perfect. The entries are terse, and citations are minimal, but I decided to add it to my website in hopes that it might prove useful to other historians and genealogists.

– Phil Brigandi

 Abbreviations Used

ac                     acres

b                      born

B Sun              Borrego Sun

C                     Census; federal census rolls, 1920-30-40

C of C             Borego Valley Chamber of Commerce

ca                     circa

d                      died

Dem                Democrat

Dir                   San Diego county directories, 1916-38

DLA                Desert Land Act; another government land program, similar to homesteading

grad                 graduate

GRV               San Diego County Great Register of Voters, 1916, 1932, 1948

HS                   Homestead, homesteaded (thanks to Diana Lindsay for a 1930s summary of local homestead entries)

LA                   Los Angeles

LAT                Los Angeles Times

Lindsay (2001) References to Diana Lindsay’s book Anza-Borrego A to Z.

pat                   Patented; the final deed from the government to a homesteader

Porter              Information from Lelah Porter (1906-2001), a Borego resident from 1927-38

R                     Ranch

R Sent             Ramona Sentinel, which carried regular correspondence from Borego in the 1920s and ‘30s

Rep                  Republican

Sec                  Section; government survey blocks of 640 acres each

SD                   San Diego

SDU                San Diego Union

UHS                Union High School


ADAMS, Charles. HS in Sec 4 T11S R6E, pat ‘20. Visits from SD ‘30.

AHERN, Albert, of Santa Monica. Bought Beaty Ranch with D. Armstrong ‘34, owned Brininger Ranch by ‘36, built house at De Anza Ranch ‘37 (still standing, 2015).

ALLEN, George. In valley by ‘35, living on son-in-law H. Oliver’s ranch. Dir: 36.

ANDERSON, Florence. Made entry in Sec 25 T10S R6E ‘29.

ANGEL. Brothers Verde (1875-1951), Vance (1973-1967), Hector, and Fred. Mesa Grande cattlemen; began bringing stock down to Borrego around 1900. Had cabin and cattle camp near mouth of Borrego Palm Canyon, perhaps as late as the ‘20s.

ARGULLO (Arguello?), Ysmael. Hired hand working for F. Lanz ‘40. ’40 C: age 22, b Mexico, farm laborer

ARMSTRONG, Donald. Bought Beaty Ranch with A. Ahern ‘34.

ARMSTRONG, Donald H., his son. Served as State Park custodian, winter 34-35.

BAKER, George D. Listed living along Kane Springs Road [i.e. Little Borego?]. ‘30 C: age 56, born in Canada.

BAKER, Beatrice E., his wife. ‘30 C: age 43.

   Their children (per ’30 C): George W. age 8, and Aileen I. age 6.

BAKER, Robert E. Listed as lodger at Benson’s [= Ocotillo Wells]. ’40 C: age 44, b TX, house painter.

BAKER, Maude E., his wife. ’40 C: age 46, b TX.

BEATY, Alfred Armstrong (“Doc”) (1870-1949). Best-known Borego pioneer. Came to valley in ‘12. HS’s at mouth of Coyote Canyon (Secs 30-31, T9S R6E, pat ‘20), and across from airport (Sec 2, T11S R6E, pat ‘17). Built irrigation system for canyon ranch, grew alfalfa, onions; tried pecans on valley ranch. Led drive to build Truckhaven Trail, ‘29-30. School Trustee ‘31. See Lindsay (2001) pp 60-63. Dirs: 1917, 22-25 (as Thomas), 29-38. GRV: 1916, 32, 48. ’40 C: age 69, b TX, farmer.

BEATY, Frances H. (1884-1958), his wife. Moved to valley in ‘13. Made HS entry in Sec 6, T10S R6E, ‘19; assigned to Ike Bernstein, ‘32. Left valley in ‘53. Recollections, B Sun, 3/55. Dirs: 33-38. GRV: 1916, 48. ’40 C: age 53, b KS.

BEATY, Fleta (1906-1991), their daughter. Came with mother in ‘13. Graduated Brawley High School ‘24. Married Max McCandless. Son, Alfred A. McCandless, became U.S. Congressman for Coachella Valley area.

BEATY, Sarah Beaty (1868-1953). Doc’s sister. HS in Sec 2, T11S R6E, pat ‘19. Dir: 1917. GRV: 1916.

BECKETT, Allen. Held preferential rights in Sec 18, T10S R6E ‘31

BEMIS, Charles E. (1850-1925). Settled in Covina in ‘86; in valley by ‘12, HS’d 80 ac in Sec 24 T11S R6E, pat ‘22. Dirs: 1916-18. ‘20 C: age 72, born in NY.

BEMIS, Sarah (1860-1932), his wife. ‘20 C, age 68, born in MA.

BEMIS, Harold (1894-1959). Their son, came with father ca ‘12; HS’d in Sec 4 T11S R6E, pat ‘27; comes back from Chowchilla in ‘36 and starts dairy herd on Ensign Ranch, supt there 36-37, school trustee ‘28. Dirs: 1921-24, 29, 37-38.

BEMIS, Eunice (b 1896), his wife. HS in Sec 13 T11S R6E/Sec 18 T11S R7E, pat ‘22 (made entry under maiden name, E. Noble).

BEMIS, Edmund (b 1922), their son.

BEMIS, Waldo (1891-1951). Son of Charles; 320 ac Desert Land Act claim in Sec 14 T11S R6E, pat ‘21; First school in his home ‘28, he was then a commercial artist in San Francisco. ‘20 C: age 36, born in CA.

BEMIS, Margaret, his wife.

BEMIS, Richard (b 1929), and Waldo, their sons. Both living, 1999.

BEMIS, Clyde (1885-1961). Apparently a nephew of Charles; HS’d in Sec 11/14 T11S R6E, pat ‘19; ranch known as Flowing Well, rented out his house ‘28, ‘30; living in Encinitas ‘50. Dirs: 1917-18. GRV: 1916.

BEMIS, Robert. Perhaps a nephew of Charles. Dirs: 20-22.

BENEDICT, Ethna (1878-1968), Teacher, 32-34.

BENNIS, Karl V. (1875-1968), of Seal Beach and Temecula. Began visiting desert ca ‘10, traveled with cattlemen, prospected; raising turkeys with R. Brininger ‘31. Still coming down in late ‘50s. Worked with Horace Parker on researching first ABDSP guidebook. See Lindsay (2001) pp 65-66. GRV: 1932.

BENSON, Elbert E. Dry Lake Gas Station on state highway by ’37 (at what is now Ocotillo Wells. Sold out around end of ’44. Namesake of Benson Dry Lake. See Lindsay (2001) pp 66-67. ’40 C: age 48, b AK

BENSON, Chesta L., his wife. 1940 C: age 48, b AK

BENSON, Paul E., listed in 1940 C as son of Lena Smith (see), age 16, b Arkansas.

BERNSTEIN, Ike, of Ocean Park, owned Beaty R ‘30, acquired Frances Beaty’s rights to 320 ac in Sec 6, T10S R6E, ‘32.

BERRINGER, C______. In valley by ‘30. Dirs: 1930-31, rancher.

BERWICK (Behrwick? Berwish?), Alice. Bill Schnoka’s step-daughter; in valley by ‘12. DLA claim to 320 ac in Sec 29, T10S R6E, pat ‘20. Was Mrs. James Strumquist of San Francisco ‘30.

BLACKMAN, William G. Listed living 22 m SE of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 40, b NC, ranch caretaker

BLOOMQUIST, Herbert. Made HS entry in Sec 28, T11S R7E, ‘30 (far southeast corner of valley).

BLY, James. HS in Sec 26, T11S R6E, pat ‘28, left valley for LA by ‘29. 

BLY, Ronald, his son. HS adjoining father in Sec 26, pat ‘27.

BORDEN, Walter. In valley by ‘32, well driller. Porter noted, “not property owners,” leased Corson Ranch, ‘33, moved to Osborne Ranch, ‘36. Dirs: 1933-38. GRV: 1932, 48.

BORDEN, Charlotte, his wife. Her son was P. Buck. GRV: 1932.

BORDNER, Charles. Early resident; living in Brawley ‘30. Sold 80 ac in Sec 5 T11S R6E, ‘29. Still had property west of Judge Kelsey, ‘36.

BOWERS, Lee, of Covina. HS in Sec 28, T10S R6E, pat ‘30. Left valley soon after, Porters later lived on ranch.

BRADEN, Judson (1884-1959). In valley by ‘31, oil and water well driller, working with T.C. Taylor drilling, ‘32. Porter noted “very temporary” resident.

BRICE, Ruth. Teacher at first (private) school in valley, ca 1915 or ‘17.

BRININGER, Roy J. (1883-1937) of Culver City. Moved to valley in ‘29; built home then and another in ‘32. HS in Sec 22, T10S R6E, final cert, ‘33. Ranch was considered one of the show places of the valley, grew tomatoes, grapes (by ‘33), summer squash, citrus, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and raised turkeys. Brother-in-law of Judge Kelsey. Dirs: 1931-36. ‘30 C: age 47, born in Ohio, truck farmer.

BRININGER, Helen, his wife.

BRODIN, Oscar (ca 1876-1960). Part of Hollywood crowd (Borego Valley Growers); worked for United Artists, lived in Inglewood; built mission style home ‘33, bought H. Oliver R ‘48. Obit, B Sun 3/60

BROOKS, Roy. In valley by ‘38.

BROOKS, Mildred, his wife.

BUNTON, John. Julian cattleman, had cattle camp at Borrego Spring as early as 1889. Father, William, filed water claim there in ’91. Continued running cattle in area until at least ’95. See Lindsay (2001) p 90.

BUCK, Phil. Son of Charlotte Borden. Porter noted, “Lived in Ranchita.” Dirs: 1937-38, ranch laborer.

BUCK, Alma, his wife.

BUCK, Mrs. C.C. Said had owned 40 acres in Borrego since ca 1930 (B Sun, 9/55).

BURKS, Dana (1871-1941). Palm Springs real estate developer; came to valley in ‘32, said to have purchased 13,500 ac, presumably all railroad lands, built adobe home in Sec 23, T11S R6E, ‘33, became the core of the Desert Lodge; bought Beaty’s Coyote Canyon ranch ‘33, raised tomatoes, grapes, and even some cotton. Still interested in valley affairs ‘37; sold adobe to N Crickmer ca ‘37. See Lindsay (2001) p 91. Dirs: 1933-35, real estate agent

BURKS, Alden, his son. In valley by ‘36. Dirs: 1937-38, rancher

BURKS, Ruth. Alden’s wife.

BURNAND, Alphonse A. Jr. (1896-1981). Bought interest in Beaty R ‘36, planted 120 ac of grapes there with partners ‘37, lived part time in the valley. Went on to become father of Borrego Springs. Obit, BS 12/17/81. See Lindsay (2001) pp 91-93.

BURNAND, Clara Kuhrts (d 1960), his wife.

            Sons Perry (1926-1979), and A.A. III “Sonny” (1918-2002). Obit BS 7/4/02.

            See Kuhrts family – A.A.’s step-children.

BURNHAM, Edward A. Listing living 4 m SW of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 30, b NJ

BURNHAM, Anna C., his mother. ’40 C: age 73, b NY.

BUTZ, A. Hugh. From Los Angeles; HS in Sect 8, T10S R6E, pat ‘32. In and out of valley in ‘30s. Porter noted he was a plasterer, and didn’t want any other jobs, so he didn’t find much work around Borego in the ‘30s. Dirs: 1929-37

BUTZ, Lydia, his wife.

Their children: Edward, Borego grad ‘32, still living in 1999, Paul, Borego grad ’36, Margaret, attending Julian UHS ‘35, Richard (?), and a daughter born ‘30, said to be the first while child born in the valley; she died young.

CALVERT, John W. (John H.?) (Jack). From prominent Azusa family; knew E. Wynn; first visited valley ca ‘19; park ranger during winters beginning ‘36, gone ‘44-46, transferred ‘52, apparently died not long after. See Lindsay (2001) p 102. ’40 C: age 46, warden, state park

CALVERT, Ella, his wife. Namesake of Ella Wash. ’40 C: age 39, teacher

CAMERON, Clara. From Long Beach, nurse; made entry in Sec 8, T11S R7E in ‘28, built home ‘28. Dirs: 1930-32. GRV: 1932, “farmette.”

CAMERON, Frances, her daughter. Attending Julian UHS ‘32.

CAMPBELL, Nick. Porter noted, “Indians, worked for Doc Beaty.” GRV: 1932, “horseman.”

CAMPBELL, Robert, his son. Old time resident, returned in ‘30 after living in Thermal. Dirs: 1930-31, 33-34. GRV: 1932, “horseman.”

CANNON, Lloyd. Worked at Fox studios; came to valley in ‘30, running H Oliver Ranch, 33-34.

CANNON, Velda, his wife.

CARDER, Gault. Dir: 1929, rancher.

CARPENTER, Nora (1892-1984). HS in Sec 8, T10S R6E, pat ‘30; called place “Rancho Mañana.” Daughter of M. Merritt; in Chatsworth ‘56. ‘30 C: age 38, dancing teacher.

CARPENTER, Dale, her son; ‘30 C: age 13.

CARSEY, Carl (1886-1957). HS near Borego Spring in Sec 18, T11S R7E, pat ‘31; well driller from Beaumont, in and out of valley in early ‘30s. ‘30 C: age 43.

CARSEY, Arvena, his wife. Divorced him and became Mrs. J. Kelsey. ‘30 C: age 28.

CARSEY, Charles, their son. Borego grad ’36; ‘30 C: age 8.

CARSEY, Betty J., their daughter; ‘30 C: age 3.

CASTON, Thomas. Leased Beaty Ranch, ‘31-32.

CHILDERS, Fay. He has “fine new home” on Thompson Ranch ‘30; Thompson’s daughter.

CHILDRESS, Hiram. Moved from Sleepy Hollow to north end of valley ‘32. GRV: 1932, farmer.

CHILDRESS, Gertrude (“Borego Gert”) (1875-1956), his wife (?). Dirs: 1933-34. GRV: 1932, “farmette.”

CHRISTENSON (Christensen?), Frederick A.E. (Emil). In Valley by ‘28; had 165 ac HS in Sec 30, T11S R7E, pat ‘32; raised turkeys, Porter noted, “was in San Francisco earthquake, 1906; lost wife and child.” Dirs 1931-38. ‘30 C: age 58. ’40 C: 74, b WI; 4 m SW of Borego PO.

CHRISTMAN, Ray. From Santa Monica; built home of ranch north of Borego Spring ‘29; married Margaret Stephens of LA ‘30. Dirs: 1930-31, auto mechanic.

CLARK, Fred (1866-1945) and Frank (1868-1937). Anza area cattlemen; began running cattle in Coyote Canyon in the 1890s. Had cattle camp near Santa Catarina Spring. Dug well that gave name to Clark Dry Lake and Clark Valley, ca ‘04. Bought 80 ac in northern end of Borrego Valley ca ’10. Running cattle in valley as late as ’29. Frank’s son, Vermal F. (“Bud”) (1902-1995) began working with his father and uncle ca ’14 and often rode the range alone on the desert. See Lindsay (2001) pp 112-15.

CLARK, Frank. In valley by ‘29; well driller, had gold mine in Santa Rosa Mtns, ‘30. No relation to cattle ranching Clarks. Dirs: 1931-32.

CLARK, Mollie, his wife. Niece of Doc Beaty. Namesake of Mollie Mine.

COATES, Charles H. ‘30 C: age 21, ranch hand.

COBBLE, Dale. Dir: 1938.

COBBLE, Earl. Dir: 1938.

COBBLE, Newton. Dir: 1938.

CORSON, Virgil. 320 ac Desert Land Act claim in Sec 26, T10S R6E, final cert ‘27; leased ranch and left valley in ‘33.

COURTNEY, Medford (1899-1982). Came to valley from Oregon in ‘30 to manage Sersen R (his brother-in-law); raised turkeys and hogs. C of C VP ‘30, School trustee ‘33, Julian UHSD trustee 34-35. Dirs: 1931-35.

COURTNEY, Neaville, his wife. Sunday Sch Supt ‘30, C of C Tres ‘31.

   Two sons, Clifford (“Keppy”) and Clyde.

CRANE, Clarence. GRV: 1932, laborer.

CRICKMER, Noel B. (1902-1988). First visited valley in ‘36; bought Burks Adobe in Sec 23, T11S R6E, opened Desert Lodge, valley’s first hotel, ‘39, sold out to Burnands ‘46; later ran Tub Canyon Guest Ranch, sold out in ‘51. See Lindsay (2001) pp 139-40. ’40 C: age 36, b England, hotel proprietor – on Yaqui Rd. ½ m SW of Borego PO.

CRICKMER, Ruth B., his first wife; ’40 C: age 52, b IA.

CROOKS, Bud. From Los Angeles, HS near Palm Canyon. Had ranch with stucco home near Palm Canyon ‘29.

CROOKS, Helen, his wife.

CROSBY, Walton. Dir: 1931.

CROWLEY, George. HS in Sec 20, T11S R6E, pat ‘28; in LA ‘29; Mgr for D Burks 32-33, C of C Pres ‘34.

Dirs: 1929-37. ‘30 C: age 34, ranch hand.

CROWLEY, Oneida A., his wife. Sunday Sch Supt ‘30, PTA Pres ‘36. ‘30 C: age 33.

CROWLEY, William W., their son; ‘30 C: age 11.

CROWLEY, Richard, their son.

DARCY, Albin. HS in Sec 24, T11S R6E, pat ‘24.

DAVIS, Tom (1911-1997). Came to valley in ‘36 to work for Ensigns, later became their Mgr; stayed on after sale, left valley in ‘91. Obit, B Sun 8-7-97. ’40 C: age 28, b AK, farm laborer

DAVIS, Bernice (c1912-1997), his wife. Came in ‘37. Obit, B Sun 10-30-97. ’40 C: age 27, b Nebraska

   Four sons, Glenn, Gary, Tom Jr., and Richard.

DAVIS, William. Tom’s brother. Ensign’s Mgr, ca 37-39.

DAVIS, Freda, his wife.

DELLMAN, Alice. Taught school in 34-35, previously in Chihuahua Valley, afterwards at San Felipe (?). Married Art Tobin ‘36, living in Ojai ‘97.

DENNIS, Jimmie. Apparently filed HS near Palm Canyon in ‘28, but in ‘29 became “pioneer resident” of Clark Valley. HS there in Sec 32, T9S R7E, pat ‘33; built new home there ‘30, came from LA but was formerly yardmaster for the CB&Q railroad in Galesburg, IL for ten years; was in Klondike gold rush, Porter remembers him roaming the valley with a pack, selling knick-nacks, “a nice old man.” Found dead along road, Aug ‘30. ‘30 C: age 69, widower.

DICKERSON, John (Jack). HS in Sec 10, T11S R6E, pat ‘13, earliest patent in the valley, except for J. McCain out at the springs. Gone for some time but returned in ‘31; went north ‘33.      

DICKERSON, Edgar, his brother. In valley by ‘30. Porter noted, “did not homestead.” Seems to have done some prospecting. Dir: 1931.

DISNEY, Albert B. Came in ‘27. HS 164 ac in SW¼ Sec 6, T11S R7E, pat ‘32. Porter noted, “Moved to Julian, active in local affairs. Worked for high school” Albert as janitor, Margaret as cook for student dormitory. Dirs: 1929-31, 33. GRV: 1932, rancher, Rep; ‘48. ‘30 C: age 46, auto mechanic.

Disney, Margaret P. (d 1950), his wife. Helping at school ‘30. Sunday School Supt 30. Obit, B Sun 12/50. GRV ‘32, housewife, Rep; ‘48. ‘30 C: age 43, b in Germany.

   Five children:

   Margaret A. (Disney) Boch. Borego School ‘29. Still living, 1998. ‘30 C: age 15.

   LeRoy (Roy). Dir: 1931.

   Helen B. ‘30 C: age 11.

   Gordon B. ‘30 C: age 6.


DODGE, Chester. Made HS entry on 120 ac in Sec 30, T10S R7E, ‘29.

DOLAN, Dr. William. From Beverly Hills; in valley by ‘31, bought E Wynn place ‘35, Dirs: 1937-38.

DONAHUE – see Smith, Lena.

DuVALL, Edward (Eddie) (1905-1973). In valley by ‘30. Storekeeper by ‘35; Postmaster 36-40. Deputy Sheriff for 14 years. Some sources say had store up until 1964 – certainly well into ‘50s. See Lindsay (2001) pp 149-50

Dirs: 1930-33 (as L. DuVall?), 1934-35, 1937-38. GRV: 1932, ranch hand, Rep; ‘48. ‘40 C: age 34, b Missouri, merchant and postmaster

DuVALL, Alta (1896-1974), his wife. Taught at Bret Harte Junior College in LA. Dirs: 1930-33, 37.

   Two adopted children: Dennis (living, 2015), and Janet Marlette (1943-1991).

DuVALL, Glenn H. (1908-1985). Eddie’s brother. 160 ac in SE¼ Sec 24, T9S R6E, entry ‘29; Came from St. Louis. Built house in Clark Valley in ‘29. Drove school bus, 31-32. Postmaster, 34-36. Dirs: 1931-38. GRV: 1932, rancher, Rep. ‘30 C, age 22.

DuVALL, Frances, his wife (married in ‘36). Attended ‘88 Founders Day. Dir: 1937.

ENSIGN, Orville (1863-1935). Came in 1926. Put in first deep well. Bought railroad land. Grew dates, alfalfa, barley, watermelons, sweet potatoes, cotton, milo maize, hogs, and turkeys. Later had dairy cattle on ranch. ‘45 combined ranches now 1,040 ac – became Club Circle. From LA, hydro-electric engineer; by ‘13 had Ensign Carburetor Co.; in Huntington Park in ‘20s, 7010 S. Alameda in 41, moved to Fullerton ‘57; sold to American Bosch Arma Corp., 1959. Obit, LAT 6-3-35. Also credited as builder of the first Interurban line between LA and Pasadena in 1895 (later taken over by the PE). Lived in Pasadena. Work for Edison, worked for Reclamation Bureau on dam projects in Arizona. Formed company with sons, 1915. Retired 1927. See Lindsay (2001) pp 155-56.

ENSIGN, Jennie, his wife.

     ENSIGN, Ina, their daughter.

ENSIGN, Paul (1897-1964), their son.

ENSIGN, Edna (1899-1988), his wife.

     Children: Harold (1921-2006). Lived in Fullerton for many years; Robert (1921-1980), and Margaret (b 1920).

ENSIGN, Roy F. (1894-1977). Orville’s son. Raised turkeys (some 2,000 in 35), wheat, barley, dairy cattle.       

ENSIGN, Muriel W. (Bemis) (1896-1980), his wife. 160 ac HS in SE¼ Sec 4, T11S R6E, assigned to her by Lillian McConnell, ‘26. Final certificate, ‘27

   Children: Frances (1921-1998), Roy (1923-1989), and Carol (1925-1984).

ERICKSON, Daniel. In valley 1927-33. HS 162 ac in NW¼ Sec 18, T11S R6E, pat ‘30. Recollections in B Sun, 2/6, 2/20, 9/28, 1975. Dirs: 1929, 31-32.

ERNST, Buck. Dir: 1933, rancher.

ESTABROOK, Ralph E. (1881-1965). Said to have come in 1913; HS in Sec 34, T10S R6E, pat ‘20, Porter noted, “Homesteaded before we did. Returned to the valley after we left in ‘38.” Dirs: 1919-25. ‘20 C: age 38, single, born in AZ, farmer.

ESTABROOK, Mary, his wife (presumably). HS’d next to him in Sec 34, pat ‘20.

ESTABROOK-WARD, Emily. Apparently Ralph’s mother. Listed separately from Ralph with own homestead. ‘20 C: age 57, born MA, widow, farmer.

FADERWICH, Richard. Made entry on 40 ac in Sec 11, T11S R6E in ‘29. Dirs: 1930-31 (“Fecterich”), rancher.

FEARNEY, Charles A. (1879-1964). Owned Palm Canyon Ranch with brother, Henry. Lived in Altadena, ‘30. Grew tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes. ‘38 - tied in vote for Justice of the Peace with Alex McLeod . . . won in run off in ‘39. Porter noted moved to Julian around 1940. Dirs: 1931-33, 38. ’40 C: age 60, b RI, farmer

FEARNEY, Marguerite P., his wife; ’40 C: age 46, b RI

   Their children (per ’40 C): John T., age 20, Dorothy P., age 18, and Natalie F., age 15 (all b in RI)

FEARNEY, Henry E. (d. 1939), his brother. In valley by ‘30; then lived in Rhode Island. Dir: 1933, rancher.     

FERGUSON, Charles. Virginia DeMarais reports first school in valley (private) held in his home, ca 1915 (Frances Beaty said more like 1917). Dirs: 1917-19. GRV: 1916, farmer.

FERGUSON, Carrie, his wife. GRV: 1916.

FERNLUND, John (“Fern”). Came in ‘30, foreman for H. Oliver, living in his adobe, 30-31, Porter noted, “Brother-in-law of Harry Oliver. Played harmonica, guitar and drums for dances.”

FERRIS, Jimmie. Listed as “lodger” at O. Tiesing’s ‘40. ’40 C: age 52, b MA.

FEWELL, Thomas Orlando (“Oddie”). LAT 7-19-08 Running auto stage from San Diego to Warners. Came to valley in ‘12. HS’d 160 ac in NE¼ Sec 10, T11S R6E, pat ‘16. Promoting road out of valley via Culp Valley and Warners ‘18. Sold to Meyer ca ‘20. Dirs: 1916-22. GRV: 1916, farmer, Rep. ‘20 C: age 41, b in OR.    

FEWELL, Estelle M., wife. Came in 1912. Said to be first woman to settle in valley. She later married Dayley; still living ca 1959. See Rynerson, Exploring and Mining Gems & Gold in the West (1967) pp 61-63 for more info and photo. GRV: 1916, housewife, Rep. ‘20 C: age 36, b NY.  

    FEWELL, Orland, their son.

FOGARSAY, John. Worked for Fox Studios, donated to Truckhaven road, ‘30 (of Los Angeles). Dir: 1931.

FORTINER, Sam (1915-2006). First came in ’44 looking for a place to grow gladiolas; acquired 160 ac on north side of valley ’45. Alternated between Borrego and Vista in the ‘40s. First home burned ’49, rebuilt in ’50 and occupied for remained of the century.

FORTINER, Charlotte, his wife. Taught at Borrego Elementary beginning in ’56.

   Their sons: Randy, Scott, and Rick.

FOULINE, Milton. Dir: 1938, laborer.

FOULINE, Elsie, his wife. Dir: 1938.           

FREEMAN, John (“Jack”). Came from Brawley, leased Beaty Ranch in 30-31, Dep Sheriff 30-31, Dep Game Warden ‘30.

FRENCH, Jack. French’s Flowing Well was a well-known valley landmark for years. Dirs: 1917-21. GRV: ‘16, farmer.

FRENCH, Katherine, his wife; had 200 ac DLA in Sec 11, T11S R6E, pat ‘21.

FURGESON, Delpha. Dir: 1935, ranch hand.

FURGESON, Leonabelle, his wife. Dir: 1935.

GAMBLE, William (d 1931). From LA, 40 ac HS in Sec 20, T11S R7E, pat ‘32; C of C VP ‘30. Porter noted, “Homesteaded at Sleepy Hollow, but only seven months to get land.” Dirs: 1930-32. ‘30 C: age 40, auto mechanic.

GAMBLE, Melvina, his wife. ‘30 C: age 30.

GAMBLE, Frank. Presumably their son. Dir: 1930, auto mechanic.

GARNER, Claude (d 1933). HS in Sec 8, T11S R6E, pat ‘29; grew grapes, wife ran ranch while he was working in LA ‘28; Porter noted, “Homesteaded out of Tub Canyon. Much development. Harry Woods promoted.” Dirs: 1929-31.

GARRIGUS, Jess W. Listed living 2 m NW of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 41, b AK, farm laborer

GARRIGUS, Lilly M., his wife; ’40 C: age 26, b AK

GARRIGUS, Claud B., their son; ’40 C: age 26, b AK, farm laborer

GARVIN, Ella. 320 ac DLA in Sec 29, T10S R6E, pat ‘20

GERBER, John. Dirs: 1933-34.

GUERERO, José. Dir: 1931.

GERMAIN, Alfred. From Pasadena, HS in Sec 25, T10S R6E, pat ‘30; Porter noted, “Homesteaded above present airport. No wife. Died not too long after leaving the valley.” Dirs: 1930-33

GRALHEER, Maurice. Perhaps a brother of Bernice Davis. Dirs: 1937-38, ranch hand.

GRIGSBY, Warren. Dir: 1933, rancher. GRV: 1932, laborer.

GUARAIER, Roland. Made HS entry in Sec 30, T10S R7E, ‘29

HAAS, Henry. Dir: 1929, rancher.

HAAS, Sophia, his wife.

HALE, Douglas. HS’d in Sec 20, T10S R6E, pat ‘28

HALL, Kelsey. In valley by ‘27 with wife; nephew of Judge Kelsey, home moved and remodeled for school house ‘34; druggist in LA ‘29, in Monrovia ‘31, visits ‘35.

HARE, Asa H. ‘30 C: age 43, carpenter.

HARE, Mary, his wife. ‘30 C: age 41.

    Children (per ‘30 C): Son Marion E., age 16; daughters Olive M., 13, Mary J., 4, and Irene G., 3.

HATCH, William. From Rosemead, HS in Sec 12, T11S R6E, pat ‘26; filed 160 ac DLA claim in Sec 12, T11S R6E, ‘19 (“will send notice to make final proof if necessary” a note at the Land Office noted ‘33). Brother-in-law of H. LaNiece; in Long Beach, ‘49. Dirs: 1929-34.

HATCH, Sophia, his wife. 320 ac claim in Sec 2, T11S R6E, pat ‘25.

HATCH, William Jr., his son. In South Pasadena ‘35.

HAUPTMAN, Oscar (1892-1965). From Alhambra; HS in Sec 20, T10S R6E, final cert ‘32.

HAUPTMAN, Emma, his wife.

HAWKINS, Robert. From Arcadia, HS in Sec 6, T11S R7E, pat ‘29; built home ‘28, may have died in ‘29.

HAWKINS, Ethel, his wife. Dirs: 1930-31 rancher.

HENRY, Floyd – see JACKSON, Floyd.

HIBBERT, Arthur J. ‘20 C age 33, single, b in England, came to US 1888, naturalized 1894. Farmer.

HICKERSON, Walter. Dirs: 1933-34, 36-38. GRV: 1932, laborer.

HIGHT, W______. Filed HS in T11S R7E, ‘28.

HOLIDAY, William. GRV: 1932, rancher.

HOLLAND, Emalyn M. (1894-1983). HS east of Sink in Sec 10, T11S R7E, pat ‘32; built home ‘29; listed living 2½ m SE of Borego PO ’40; taught at Borego (31-32, 35-41) and Dry Lake (32-35) and at Borrego Springs (60-61), C of C pres '32. Dirs: 1930-32, 34-38. ’40 C: age 44, b Finland, teacher

HOTCHKISS, Sam. Dir: 1936, ranch hand.

HOTCHKISS, Jean, his wife.

HOULIHAN, William. Made HS entry in Sec 19, T11S R6E, ‘29.

HUDDLESON, Charles. Listed as living along Kane Springs Road [i.e. Little Borego?]. ‘30 C: age 68.

HUDDLESON, Mary, his wife. ‘30 C: age 65.

HUEY, Clara. Dir: 1933.

HUTCHINSON, Wilbur (d 1931). From Chicago; came in ‘30, cousin of R Brininger; in turkey business with him.

INGRAHAM (Ingrahm?), Charles. Of Home Gardens; HS in Sec 22, T11S R6E, pat ‘28. Listed living 1¾ m S of Borego PO ‘40. ‘40 C: age 49, b MN.

JACKSON, Floyd (“Bud,” aka Floyd V. Henry). Working on Beaty Ranch ’29. Dirs: 1933-38. ranch hand. GRV: 1932. ’40 C (as Floyd V. Henry): age 50, b South Dakota, carpenter - 1/3 m E of Borego PO.

   HENRY, Katherine, his wife. ’40 C: age 53, b Nebraska, cook

JOHNSON, Robert. Of Los Angeles; HS in Sec 26, T11S R6E, pat ‘31.

JOLLY, brothers (?) who worked for Ensigns:

JOLLY, Floyd A. Listed living 3½ m NW of Borego PO ‘40. Dir: 1938. ’40 C: age 35, b OK, mechanic, general farm service

JOLLY, Opal L., his wife. ’40 C: age 25, b OK.

    Their daughter (per ’40 C): Billie L., age 7, b OK.

JOLLY, Henry. Dir: 1938.

JOLLY, Edna, his wife.

JOLLY, J.M. Dir: 1938.

JONES, Albert. Of Walnut Park; buys 80 ac near Brininger’s, ‘34.

JONES, G.M. (d 1932). In valley by 1928; Jones Land Co. said to own nearly 20,000 ac in vicinity ‘30 (RR lands?), home near Christmas Circle in Sec 5 T11S, later used a community hall, ‘29 ‘30 ‘33; sold part of holdings in ‘29, but retained interest in valley until death.

JONES, Helen M. Made HS entry in Sect 34, T11S R6E, ‘27, Yaqui Pass Ranch. Dirs: 1930-35, “saleswoman.” ‘30 C: age 49, gas appliance saleslady.

JOYCE, Joseph. Of Santa Monica, interested in oil exploration; purchased 15,000 ac of oil lands east of valley ‘28 (RR lands?), selling land locally ‘32, early supporter of State Park, visits ‘33. Louis T. Busch and Louis Mahoney, Sr. also involved in his oil explorations.

KANEMURA (Kanemaru?), Ray Shiro. In valley by ‘33 truck farming on Beaty Ranch 33-35, Supt for Ahern & Armstrong ‘35.

KECK, Cecil. Porter noted homestead was about where Rams Hill is today; had summer home in Julian. Dir: 1934, homesteader. GRV: 1932, electrician.

KECK, Grant, his son. Student in Borego ‘32.

KEINER, Arthur. Dirs: 1931-33.

KELLER, Jasper. Dirs: 1934-35, prospector.

KELLY, Albert. HS in Sec 24, T11S R6E, final cert ‘27; in No Calif 28-29; living at Bemis (Flowing Well) ranch ‘31; had home at Little Borego but planned to move to “upper Borego” ‘32; living in Julian ‘33.

KELLY, Jean, his wife. GRV: 1932.

KELSEY, Joseph A. (“Judge Ed”) (d 1937). Came in ‘27 from Pomona, had been in Ventura Co and Coachella V before; had 80 ac HS in Sec 4, T11S R6E, pat ‘31, first Justice of the Peace 31-37; Mgr of Ensign Ranch 30; C of C Pres ‘32; Julian UHS trustee ‘33; grew asparagus, onions, peanuts, milo maize, corn, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, apricots, experimented with various row and tree crops, raised turkeys, built tourist cabins on his ranch ‘29, wrote local correspondence for Ramona Sentinel after his son’s death. ‘30 C: age 54, widower

KELSEY, Arvena (Carsey), his wife. She divorced Carl Carsey (see) and married him in ‘34. In valley by ‘30; school trustee 31-32, PTA Pres ‘32, Sunday School Supt ‘31, unofficially served as JP after Judge K’s death in Jan ‘37 until left valley in ‘38.

KELSEY, Lloyd S. (c1900-1932), his son. Came with father in ‘27, had HS in Sec 20, T10S R6E, pat ‘31; Dep County Clerk and Co Assessor for area 30-32; SD Co Repub Central Committee 30-32, C of C VP ‘30, Corresp Sec’y ‘30, Julian UHS trustee 31-32, wrote local corres for Ramona Sentinel, helped H Oliver name valley roads. ‘30 C: age 30, ranch hand.

KEMBLE, Homer S. Living 6 m NW of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 40, proprietor, experimental ranch

KEMBLE, Barbara C., his wife. ’40 C: age 40, b TX

    Children (per ’40 C): Lillian, age 13, Wynne, age 10.

KENNEDY, George L. Listed living along Kane Springs Road [i.e. Little Borego?]. ‘30 C: age 75.

KILGORE, Percy Lee. Dirs: 1918, 21-22. GRV: 1916, farmer.

KLEVEN, Kevin? Listed as “guest” residing with C. Ingraham ’40. ’40 C: age 51 b MN, baker.

KLINGEL, Leo. WWI Vet, HS in Sec 20, T11S R6E, pat ‘31; built house ‘28, wife was school trustee ‘28.

KODAMA, Joe. Rented land from various ranchers, raising tomatoes on Brininger’s ‘34, farming on de Anza Ranch ‘36, Porter noted was on land near where Fortiners later lived. Dirs: 1935-38.

KOSKY (Kolsky?), Dr. A. 1950s hunting. 1959, in Santa Monica; 2,000 acres of his land later sold to Bing Crosby.

KRUPKA, Malvin. Filed HS in Sec 30, T9S R7E, ‘29.

KUHRTS, Charlotte. Step-daughter of A.A. Burnand. Mrd. Herb Haughton ’39; spent honeymoon at DeAnza Ranch. They moved to valley in ’45, had first store in Borrego Springs; sold to Hugh Woods ’50. Later Mrs. Charlotte Hamilton.

Kuhrts, George J. “Bud” (1923-1995). Step-son of A.A. Burnand. Moved to valley in ’47. Mrd Beverly Hauser ’49. They ran Desert Lodge at that time. Very involved in the development of Borrego Springs. Obit BS 6/15/95. See Lindsay (2001) pp 212-13.

Kuhrts, Pat. Step-daughter of A.A. Burnand. Mrd Robert Di Giorgio ’64.

LAAG, Martin. Said to have HS’d in ‘18; Laag Bros. occasionally mentioned in ‘30s.

LAAG, Albin, his son. Married Loretta in ‘35; lived in Mira Loma, she lived in Ranchita in the ‘90s.

LAIRD, David. Dir: 1937, ranch hand.

LAIRD, J. Carl. Made HS entry in Clark Valley in Sec 14, T9S R6E, ‘29.

LA NIECE, Herbert. In valley by ‘28; working on Ensign Ranch, 29-30; Porter noted, “Homesteaded somewhere above (north) of Wynn’s,” Ass’t PM 29-30. Dirs: 1930-32. ‘30 C age 48.

LA NIECE, Josephine L., his wife. Librarian ‘29, aunt of W. Hatch Jr.; in Lompoc ‘35, in Seattle ‘50, ‘59. ‘30 C: age 46.

LA NUCA, Robert. HS in Sec 7, T11S R7E, pat ‘31.

LANZ, Fred, HS in Tub Canyon, Sec 13, T11S R5E, pat ’33; valley’s “tomato king,” has marketed ripe tomatoes in January for four consecutive years ‘33, sold out to N Crickmer in ‘44 but stayed in valley. Dirs: 1929-38. GRV: 1932, 48. ’30 C: age 48. ’40 C: age 57, b TN, vegetable farmer, tomatoes

LANZ, Henry (Lindsay says uncle of Fred). Made adjoining HS entry in Sec 24, T11S R5E, ‘28.

LA PLANT, John. GRV: 1916, farmer.

LARSEN, Leo. Made HS entry in Sleepy Hollow on 120 ac in Sec 20, T11S R7E, ‘29; built home ‘31, son of Mrs. Schuler, left valley after proving up ‘34. Dirs: 1930-34, 37.

LeBRAUN, Antone. Living 23 m SE of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 73, b France, carpenter written in but crossed out

LEUAX, William. Came in ‘33, HS on east side of valley. Dir: 1933, rancher.

LEUAX, Amelia, his wife. In Julian with sons Frank and Billy, late ‘33.

LEWIS, Charles. Filed a HS in Sec 4, T10S R6E, ’29.

LIGHT, Calvin. HS’d in Clark Valley in ‘29, Sec 30, T9S R7E, pat ‘32; Spanish American War vet, worked for Ford in Detroit for ten years. Dirs: 1930-32.

LITTLE, Marvin. Dir: 1938, laborer.

LITTLE, Jessie, his wife.

LOCKART, Albert. Made HS entry in Sec 18, T10S R7E, ‘27.

LOVE, Odis. Related to Jollys, also worked on Ensign Ranch. Dir: 1938, ranch hand.

LOVE, Cora, his wife.

LYON, George. Made a HS entry in Sec 4, T10S R6E, ’28.

MAGILL, James. Listed living along Kane Springs Road [i.e. Little Borego?]. ‘30 C: age 40, b Ireland, surveyor.

MARTIN, Jack. GRV: ‘32, “retired.”

MASON, John. GRV: ‘32, laborer.

MATHES, Albert L. (1888-1964). Came in ‘28, WWI vet from Chicago; had HS in Sec 30, T10S R7E, pat ‘30; in and out of valley in 28-29; living 6 m N by E of Borego PO ’40; served as Justice of the Peace in 40s, also mail carrier, active in American Legion, Comdr of Julian Legion Post ‘42, judge and mail carrier; active with American Legion ‘50. See recollections in B Sun, 6/55. Dirs: 1930-38. GRV: 1932, electrician, ’48. ’40 C: age 51, b IL, farmer and mail carrier

MATHES, Mary, his wife. In valley by ‘37. ’40 C: Mary K., age 54, b IA.

MATTEY, Rudolph (1886-1952). In valley by ’30: well driller with TC Taylor, filed first case in new Justice Court ‘31. Dirs: 1931-32. ‘30 C: age 42, well driller.

MATTEY. Robert A. (1910-1993), his son. Came in ‘28, HS in Sec 28, T10S R6E, final cert ‘33. ’30 C: age 20, carpenter.

MATTEY, Emory, another son (?). Came from Texas with wife and three children ‘31.

MAYS, Joseph, HS in Sec 32, T10S R6E, pat ‘19.

McCAIN, John (1843-1927). Julian pioneer, began running cattle in the Borrego area in the early 1890s. Had cabin at Borrego Spring by ’94. Filed HS there in ’04 for 80 ac in Secs 8 and 17, T11S, R7E. Sometime around 1910 he sold out to Charlie Potter, another Julian cattleman. See Lindsay (2001) p 233.

McCONNELL, Lillian. HS entry in Sec 4, T11S R6E, assigned to Muriel Ensign, ‘26.

McCRARY, Herman T. Hired hand working for F. Lanz ’40. ’40 C: age 54, b TN, farm irrigation worker

McCRINDLE, John T. (“Jack”). In valley by ’30; Porter noted, “Cook on Beaty Ranch.” Dirs: 1931-32. ‘30 C: age 69, ranch hand.

McGINNIS. Lloyd E. (“Smokey”). Came in ‘28 from Torrance, had HS in Sec 30, T10S R7E, pat ‘32, built home ‘29, he works in Torrance while wife and two children in valley ’29; working for DiGiorgio ‘53. Dirs: 1931-33. GRV: 1932, clerk, ’48. ’30 C: age 38, oilworker.

McGINNIS, Hazel Alice (1900-1953), his wife. C of C VP ‘30. Obit, B Sun 2/53. Dirs: 30-33. GRV ‘32, ’48. ‘30 C: age 29.

   Their children (per ’30 C): William E., age 10; Virginia L., age 8.

McGUIRE, Louis P. Listed living 12 m NW of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 22, b Nebraska, ranch laborer

McLEOD (MacLeod?), Alex M. Listed living 1 m E of Borego PO ’40. Tied for JP with C. Fearney ‘38, eventually lost in run-off. Dirs: 1935-38 as prospector (35-37) and rancher (38). ’40 C: age 62, b ND, turkey farmer

McLEOD, Cecilia, his wife. ’40 C: Celia C., age 58, b IN

McROBERTS, _______. Came in ‘28.

MEALY, D.L. Made HS entry in Sec 23, T10S R6E, ‘29.

MERRITT, Mary E. (1863-1950), Made two 80 ac HS claims in Sec 18, T10S R6E, ‘28, built home ca 29, moves to HS ’30; Porter noted, “62 years old when homesteaded in Henderson Canyon. Mother of Nora Carpenter.” Dirs: 1931-35. ‘30 C: age 66, widow.

MEYERS, Henry C. Said to have come in ’15; had HS in Sec 34, T10S R6E, pat ’20; lived in Orange Co in later years. 1920 C: age 37, single, b in Maine, dry farmer.

MEYERS, Bertha, his wife.

    Their sons: Fritz and Niles.

MILLER, Tom, In valley by ‘28, WWI vet, pat two 80 ac HSs in Sec 12, T11S R6E in ’29; in and out of valley in early 30s, to Sierra Madre ‘30, takes job in LA ‘31, res as trustee and leaves beginning of ‘34, back by ‘35, Dep Sheriff 28-30, C of C VP ‘30, School Trustee, 31-33, grew lettuce, 34-35, in Rosemead ‘55, in Seal Beach ‘57. Dirs: 1930-38. ‘30 C: age 40, machinist, steam engineering

MOORE, Earl.

MOORE, Adeline, his wife, came in ‘27, had HS in 26, T10S R6E, pat ‘31, built new home ‘29, plans to live in LA ‘31, visits son in valley ‘31. Dirs: 1930-32, rancher.

Other MOOREs in valley (not sure of relationship), two Moore families came in ‘29, Robert D. had a HS in Sec 14, T10S R6E, final cert ‘33. Robert E. made an adjoining entry in Sec 14 in ‘28. Lovena (Lavena) was the wife of one of these men, GRV ‘32. Children included Joseph, LaVerne, and Otis.‘30 C: Robert D. Moore, 49

MORGAN, Frank (d 1949). Bought land in valley in ‘37, Hollywood actor, best known as The Wizard of Oz, subdivided Morgan Manor, south of De Anza CC shortly before death. See B Sun 4/60. See Lindsay (2001) pp 242-43.

MORROW, Francis M. Listed living 12 m NW of Borego PO ‘40. ’40 C: age 62, b TX, ranch laborer

MORROW, Alva R., his wife. ’40 C: age 58, b MO

   Their sons (per ’40 C): Alvin P., age 18, ranch laborer, and Carl R., age 16 (both b in OK).

MORTON, Bill. In valley by ’31; never proved up claim, Sam Fortiner acquired in ‘45, Dep Sheriff 35, 37, raised turkeys, grew grapes. Dirs: 1936-38. GRV: 1932

MORTON, Vera, his wife. GRV: 1932.

MORTON, William H. (“Billy”), their son. Listed in ’40 as hired hand, building construction, working for and living at Desert Lodge. ’40 C: age 19, b WY.

    Their other children were Mary Alice, Borego grad ‘37, mrd Jeff Swycaffer; and James, Julian UHS grad '45 (d 2013).

MORTON, J. Harvey, Bill’s his brother. Dirs: 1933-34.

MORTON, Fred, another brother. Dirs: 1933-35.

NASON, Victor I. HS in Sec 18, T11S R6E, final cert ’33. Porter noted lived “out of Tub Canyon.” Dirs 30-32 (as A. Nason). GRV: 1932, farmer, Dem. ‘30 C: Victor I. Nason, 32, b Sweden. Father, Victor I. Nason, Sr., 58, b Sweden

NASON, Victor I., Jr., son. In valley by 1930. Raised turkeys. Dirs: 1931-32. (as A. Nason). GRV: ‘32, rancher, Dem

NELSON, Arthur J. 160 ac HS entry in NE¼ Sec 32, T9S R7E, ’29. Brought wife and family. Built house in Clark Valley, 1929. Dirs: 1931-32.

NELSON, Ben. Dirs: 1930-32, rancher.

NELSON, Gustave Henry Ferdinand (Henry F.). 160 ac HS entry in Sec 8, T10S R7E, ’29. Came from Southgate with wife and daughter; had other children as well. Seems to have had place in Borego before moving to Clark Valley in 29. Clark Valley place described as Sec 30. Returned from Southgate for winter ‘30-31. Had summer home in Julian ‘31. Porter noted, “Carried mail very short time as sub.” Dirs: 1929-32. GRV: 1932, rancher, Dem.

NELSON, Helen (Nason), his wife. GRV: 1932, housewife, Dem.

NELSON, W. Otto, HS on Tub Creek Mesa in Sec 18, T11S R6E, pat ‘27, later in SD, visits ‘29, ‘32, wife and children.

NEMES, Stephen. Made HS entry in Sec 18, T10S R6E, ‘29.

NIGHTINGALE, ________. In valley by ‘28, Palm Canyon Ranch near mouth of canyon.

NOBLE, Daniel. Dir: 1938, ranch hand.

NOBLE, Edith, his wife.

O’CONNELL, William, Made HS entry on 85 ac in Sec 30, T11S R7E, ‘28.

ODELL, Rex V (M.?). In valley by 1928. Porter noted, “Worked for G.M. Jones.” Foreman for Felicita Co. ‘29-30. First pres Borego C of ca 30. ‘30 C: age 38, superintendent, water system

ODELL, Katherine H., his wife. ’30 C: age 30.

    Their children (per ’30 C): Kenneth R., age 9, and Howard R., age 7.

OLIVER, Harry G. (1888-1973). In valley by ‘29. Start of Hollywood connection; one of founders of Borego Valley Growers, Inc. Adobe home built ‘30 (extant). Grew alfalfa. Set designer for movies, nominated twice for Oscar. Western humorist; books include Borego Rough Cuts (1938); founded Pegleg Liars Contest. See Lindsay (2001) pp 254-56. For a biography, see Stohler, A Kiss for the Desert (1978). Dirs: 1931-36

OLSON, Clarence. Came in ‘31, built cabin in Sec 25 near mouth of Borego Palm Cyn ’31. Dirs: 1933-34, auto mechanic. GRV: 1932, rancher.

OSBORNE, Charles B. 160 ac HS in Sec 22, T11S R6E, pat ‘30

OSBORNE, Frank B. Came from Pomona, in valley by 1929; 160 ac HS in NE¼ Sec 22, T11S R6E, ’33. Had only piano in valley ‘31. Dec ’30: “has developed a small well upon his property and has constructed a store and built a couple of cottages, making a nucleus for a large auto camp.” Cabins busy ’32; Store/gas station mentioned ‘30, 32, 35, 36. Dirs: 1931-38. GRV: 1932, rancher, Dem. ’30 C: age 61.

OSBORNE, Maude L. (1882-1952), his wife. Dir: 1937. GRV: 1932, housewife, Dem. ’30 C: age 48.

OSBORNE, Gladys I. (1908-1965), their daughter. In valley by 1929. C of C Sec’y 30. Virginia DeMarais says first local graduate of Julian UHS. Later Mrs. Ralph Spice of Julian. Dirs: 1937-38. GRV: 1932, student, Dem. ’30 C: age 21.

OVERMIRE, Helen. To live on HS in Sec 36 T10S ’30. Dir: 1931.

PALLMAN, Walfred B. In valley by 1929. 1/52 - Wall Paulman dies – same? Dirs: 1931-35.

PAYNE, Joseph. HS in Sec 12, T11S R6E, pat ’26.

PEAKER, Henry P. In valley by 1929. 160 ac HS in NE¼ Sec 26, T10S R6E, pat ’31. Raised turkeys. Porter noted, “Nice people. Around 60 years old in 1935.” Dirs: 1930-38. GRV: 1932, farmer. ’40 C: age 67, b IL.

PEAKER, Manelious A., his wife. In valley by 1930. Dirs 1936-37. GRV: 1932, housewife. ’40 CL age 66, b MO.

PIERCE, Carr E. 160 ac HS in Sec 8, T11S R7E, pat ’30. Dir: 1931.

PIERCE, Fred I. GRV: 1932, investigator, Dem

PIERCE, Harriet L. Chas. Fearney’s grandmother, living with him ‘40. ’40 C: age 86, b RI.

PITTMAN, Arthur. Dir: 1936, rancher.

PITTMAN, Idalee, his wife.

    Their sons, Harold and Herman.

PORTER, Melvin C. Filed HS in Sec 6, T11S R6E, ’28; relinquished ’33.

PORTER, Milo C. (1902-1990). Came to valley from Los Angeles in 1927; 160 HS ac in SE¼ Sec 17, T10S R6E, ’30. Mail carrier ‘28-30, 35-38. Constable/Deputy Sheriff ‘31-35. School Trustee ‘31. C of C pres ‘30-31. Moved to Julian in 1938. Julian UHS trustee ‘35. Raised chickens and turkeys. Distributor for General Petroleum Products (served Borrego Springs) ’50. See Lindsay (2001) pp 274-75. Dirs: 1929-38. GRV: 1932, Constable, Dem. ‘30 C: age 27, mail carrier

PORTER, Lelah M. (1906-2001), his wife. C of C Tres ‘30, 32; Sec’y ’35; lived in Julian until her death. GRV ‘32, housewife, Rep. ’30 C: age 23

    Their children: Milene L. (1927-2001), married Norman Cozens ’48, Mervyn (b 1930) and James (Jimmy) (b 1936), living in Julian 2015.

PRATT, Earl. Foreman for county road department. Listed as 7 m SW of Borego PO ‘40. Dirs: 1936-38. ’40 C: (as James E.) age 25.

PRATT, Della, his wife.

   Sons: Donald, living in Northern California, 2000, and George.

PRATT, Harold C. ’40 C: age 20, hired hand, building construction, working for and living at Desert Lodge

PRATT, Edith N. ’40 C: 23, b CA, proprietor, county boarding house

PYLE, Jack. Dir: 1937, ranch foreman.

READ, James. Dirs: 1933-34, rancher. GRV ’32, farmer.

REED, Louis. In valley by 1930. Foreman for Paul Widliscka '30. Dirs: 1931-32.

REED, William M. Filed on 80 ac in Sec 30, T11S R7E, ’29, then 85 ac in Sec 30, T11S R7E a few weeks later. Publication notice ‘33. Dirs: 1931-34, 37-38 (as Read). GRV ‘32, farmer, Dem.

REED, Rev. Marsh. In valley by 1931.

REYNOLDS, Xavier V. Filed on 160 ac in SW¼ Sec 28, T9S R7E, ’29; only resident of Clark Valley 11/34, raising ducks ‘36. Dirs: 1931, 34-37, rancher.

RICE, LaRue. 160 ac in NE¼ Sec 28, T10S R6E, pat ’30; mother of Russell Scott and Ila Vangee. Dirs: 1931-32

RIVERAL, E_____. Bought RR land in Sec 21, T10S R6E in 33/34 (now DeAnza CC); grew tomatoes, lived in SD.

ROBINSON, James A. (“Fred”). In valley by ‘29. Worked for Co Road Camp, 40 yr resident of SD Co ‘29, had HS in Clark Valley in Sec 8, T10S R7E, final cert ‘33, built house ’29, carried mail '30-32. Dirs: 1931-34. ‘30 C: age 54.

ROCK, Gilbert L. (1890-1980). Filed on 160 ac in NE¼ Sec 24, T9S R6E, ’29; Los Angeles fireman, HS’d at Clark Dry Lake in 1928. Uncle of DuValls. Built house in Clark Valley ’29; proved up, then back to LA. Moved back full time around ‘36. Still on ranch, ‘67. See recollections in Sun, 6/18/69. See Lindsay (2001) pp 283-84. ‘40 C: age 49, b Missouri, ranchman. Dirs: 1930-35, 37, 38. GRV ’32, ‘48.

ROCK, Nancy Eudora, his wife. ’40 C: Nancy E., 27, b Tenn. Dir: 1937. GRV ‘48.

    Their children: Nancy Jane (1936-2004) married Ellis; Alice G. (b ca ‘38, married Johnson); Riley; John T. (b ca ’39; living 2004), and David R. (b ca ’35; living 2004).

ROOP, Deb. Listed living 1 m E of Borego PO, ‘40. ’40 C: age 78, b Michigan.

ROSS, Joshua. Perhaps an oil worker? GRV ’32, carpenter.

SCHECK, Frank J. (d. 1936). 165 ac in Sec 30, T11S R7E, pat ’32. Has well, raising tomatoes ‘30; tried citrus; sometimes called “Count Von Scheck.” Dirs: 1930-33, landscape gardener. GRV: ‘32, rancher, Rep. ’30 C: age 56, born in Austria-Hungary.

SCHECK, Frank J., Jr., his son. GRV: ‘32, farmer, Rep

SCHNOCKA, William (Schnoka?). One of earliest settlers in valley; 160 ac DLA claim in Sec 32, T10S R6E, pat ’18; 160 ac HS in Sec 14, T11S R6E, pat ’23. Visited valley as early as 1912, living in LA then. Dirs: 1917-24. GRV ‘16, farmer. ‘20 C: (as Schnoka), age 45, parents born in Germany, farmer.

SCHNOCKA, Theresa H., his wife. 320 ac DLA claim in Sec 30, T10S R6E, pat ‘24. ’20 C. age 42, b in Australia, came to US ‘91, naturalized; parents born in England. Dir: 1916

SCHULER, Helen, lived in Sleepy Hollow, sister of Margaret Disney, mother of Leo Larsen, C of C Sec’y ‘30. Isham (any relation?), made HS entry in Sec 20, T11S R7E, ‘29. Dirs: 30-33 “rancher.” GRV: ‘32 “rancher,” Dem. ‘30 C: 40, born in Germany, Son, Leo Lawson, 22

SCHWEIKHERD, George A. ‘30 C: age 37; wife, Edna M., 32; daughter Elizabeth A., 8

SCOTT, Russell, HS in Sec 28, T10S R5E, pat ‘28, son of La Rue Rice (see). Dirs: 31-33,

SEROWINSKY, John J. (Jack), From Ocean Park, then Santa Monica ‘33, HS in Sec 20, T10S R6E, pat ‘31, worked for Electrical Products Copr of LA, then in coffee and spice business. ‘30 C: age 24

SERSEN, Ferdinand M. (Fred) (1890-1962) Sec’y of BV Growers, mgr of Scenic Dept at Fox, lived in Hollywood, made entry on HS in Sec 24, T10S R6E, ‘29, began res in ‘30. A plein air painter, born in Czechoslovakia. Nominated eight times for an Oscar – won twice for special effects. Began working for Fox around 1930.

    Florence, his wife, sister of M. Courtney (see), Dirs 31-34. Two daughters, Miriam and Janet.

SEYMOUR, Clyde E. ‘30 C: age 44; wife Edith L., 42; daughters Sarah L., 6, and Betty L., 5.

SHELTON, George, Came and built house ‘28, moved family down ‘29, HS across from Del Zorro in Sec 22, T11S R6E, pat 32, brother of O Crowley (see).

SIDES, Keith, ‘36 Dir “well driller,” wife, Frances.

SIMON, Raymond, worked on Ensign Ranch. Dirs: 36-38

    Doreen, his wife. Michael, his son, attending sch ‘38.

SIMS, Ed, HS in Sec 15, T11S R6E, pat ‘16, visits ‘28. Dirs: 17-18, 22-25. GRV ‘16 “farmer.” ‘20 C: Edwin P. Sims, 62, single. Born in Texas. Dry Farmer.

SIMS, R.K. (relationship?) in valley by ‘19.

SINGER, Roman, ‘38 Dir “ranch hand,” wife, Usenia.

SMALL, Elwin D. (1872-1949), 160 ac HS in Sec 20, T11S R6E, pat ’29. Manager for O.H. Ensign ‘33. First pres of Borego Boosters 29. School Trustee ‘31. Dirs: 29-33. GRV ‘32, farmer, Rep. ‘30 C: age 58, ranch hand

SMALL, Melbourne G. (Buster) (1902-1960). His son. In valley by 1928.160 ac HS in Sec 8, T11S R6E, pat ’30. School Trustee ‘32. Moved to SD ‘33. Dirs: 29-33. GRV ‘32 farmer, Rep. ‘30 C: 28, ranch hand; wife Mabel G., 25, daughter Sylvia L., 5; son Robert D., almost 2

SMALL, Mabel G., wife. In valley by 1931. PTA pres ‘33. GRV ‘32, housewife, Dem

SMALL, Reginald H. (Reg). Elwin’s son. 160 ac HS in Sec 18, T11S R6E, pat ’29. Manager of Ensign Ranch ’33; moved to SD ’34. Dirs: ‘29-33. GRV ‘32, farmer, Dem. ‘30 C: Reginald H., 31, ranch hand

SMALL, Drilla (DuVall) (1904-1991), his wife. 160 ac HS in Sec 24, T9S R6E, pat ‘33. Came to valley ‘26. Built home in Clark Valley ‘29. Sec’y of C of C ‘30. Clerk of Sch Brd ‘31. Attended ‘89 Founders Day. Dirs: 1931-33. GRV ‘32, Hs’er, Rep. ‘30 C: Drilla A. DuVall, 26 [own home]

SMITH, Lona. ‘30 C: age 46, listed living along Kane Springs Road [i.e. Little Borego?]. Father, James F. Clay, 75; daughter Jane Ivy Smith, 12

SMITH, Lena. ’40 C: age 32, b Iowa, restaurant proprietor, cook, and waitress; living 19 m SE of Borego PO. [i.e. Ocotillo Wells]. Also listed in her household: Donahue, Jennie, step mother, 45, b Nebraska, assistant cook and waitress; Donahue, James W., father, 55 b PA, gas station attendant; Glaser, Emil B., brother-in-law, 32, b Nebraska, gas station attendant; Smith, James C., son, 13, b Iowa; Troth, Robert L., step-brother, 12, b Iowa; Benson, Paul E., son, 16, b Arkansas.

SMITH, Louis (Lewis?). Mgr of Ensign Ranch ‘35-36. Dirs: ‘36-37 “rancher.”

    Florence, his wife.

SODEN, Jake. Mrd Edith Taylor (see) in ‘40, both of Borego. Dirs: 37-38 “ranch hand” (on Beaty R). ’40 C: age 20, b Nebraska, ranch foreman

SOUTHER, Everette, Moved to Bemis house at Flowing Well ‘35, possibly relative of Bemis family. Dir: ‘36 “laborer.”

SPANGLER, Eddie H. ’40 C: age 20, b Nebraska, builder (electrical), living 12 m NW of Borego PO.

SPARKS, John. GRV ‘32 “farmer.” Susie, his wife.

SPEER, Adelbert (1891-1976), HS in Sec 34, T11S R6E, pat ’29. Grew tomatoes; working in LA ‘30. Wife and two children. Dirs: ‘29-30 “rancher”

SPICE, Ralph. Listed as a merchant in the Borego section of the ‘36 SD Co Dir – perhaps out on the state highway? Wife, Gladys Osborne (see).

STANTON, Loren. 80 ac HS in Sec 24, T11S R6E, pat ’19. GRV ‘16 “farmer.”

STEPHENSON, Edward P. In valley by ’30. 160 ac HS in Sec 6, T11S R7E, pat ‘32. ‘30 Dir (as Earl) “carpenter.” 1932 GRV, carpenter, Dem

STEPHENSON, Eva J., his wife. 1932 GRV, housewife, Dem

   Marguerite, their daughter.

STEWART, Paul, Mgr of Ensign Ranch ‘35-36. Alice, his wife.

STILLWELL, Howard, Made HS entry in Sec 8, T10S R7E, ‘29. Lloyd, (relationship?), made HS entry in Sec 4, T10S R7E, ‘28. In Clark Valley

SWEET, John L. ‘30 C: age 24, ranch hand

TAYLOR, John W. Dirs 37-38 “ranch hand” (on De Anza R). ’40 C: age 62, b Alabama, carpenter, living 12 m NW of Borego PO. Wife, Katie L., 56, b Alabama; daughters Helen V., 20, b OK; Edith W., 16, b OK, grad 38, mrd Jake Soden (see).

TAYLOR, Raymond. In valley by ‘30.

TEAGARDEN, Albert S. Manager of Roy Ensign Ranch ‘35. Turkeys. Dairy cattle. Dirs: 1934-35, rancher. GRV ’32, farmer, Rep.

TEAGARDEN, Mattie, his wife. GRV ‘32, housewife

TEAGARDEN, Howard. Brother of Albert, living on Ensign Ranch ’33. Wife and son. Dir: ‘34 (as Horace), rancher.

THOMSON, James M. (1888-1969). Borego PM, 1931-34. Daughter Judy Kendall said (‘93), Came to California in 1920. Worked as a mechanic in Los Angeles. Had a wife and three daughters. Died in the 1960s. 160 ac HS in Sec 20, T11S R7E, pat ’29. Res as PM and left valley for LA ‘34. Dirs: 1931-35. GRV ‘32, mechanic, Dem.

THOMSON, Margaret, his wife (d 33). 1932 GRV, housewife, Dem.

    Daughters: Gertrude, Jane, and Mona?

THORNBERRY. Col. Risher W. LAT 3-22-37, Died at “his Borega Valley ranch near Westmoreland.” WWI vet, age 62. Had home in Los Angeles. ‘30 C: Richer W. Thornberry, 55, listed living along Kane Springs Road [i.e. Little Borego?]

TIESING, Otto W. ‘38 Dir: laborer, wife, Nellie. ’40 C: 50, b Missouri, mechanic, ranch irrigation system; living 3 m NW of Borego PO. Wife Nellie, 50, b ND.

TILLERY, James. 160 ac HS in Sec 14, T10S R6E, final certificate ’29. Returns after several years absence ’34.

TONER, Albert Worth. Turkey ranch in Ocotillo Wells area. See Lindsay (2001) p 66. ‘30 C: Albert W., 36; wife Anna M., 27; daughter Patricia A., 5; son Richard W., 1½.

TURNER, Lee F. ’40 C: age 28, b TX, milker at a dairy [presumably Ensigns]; wife, Ina F., 24, b NM; brother Rupert P., 21, b TX.

VANDAMMA, S. Made entry on 160 HS ac in Sec 4, T10S R7E, ’29.

VANSCO, Albert. Worked at United Artists. Donated to Truckhaven Road, ‘30 (of Los Angeles). ‘32 Living in LA; Visits in ‘35 – working for Fox. Held “preferential rights” in Sec 36, T10S R5E “if land is restored to entry” (apparently based on claim filed in ‘31). GRV ‘32, cabinet maker.

WALKER, Joseph or Jesse. 160 HS ac in Sec 30, T9S R7E, pat ’32. Jesse – in Clark Valley; 23 years with Chicago Fire Dept. Dirs: 1931-34

WEIDENDOFF, Robert. Held “preferential rights” in Sec 18, T10S R6E, ‘30

WEST, Ruth H. In valley by ’30; taught in Borego ‘30-31. Dirs: 1931-32.

WESTOVER, Maurice. 1916 GRV, farmer, Rep. Phoebe, his wife, 160 ac HS in Sec 10, T11S R6E, pat ’16.

WHITE, Lillie (Tillie?). In valley by 1930. HS’d at Sleepy Hollow. Files HS in ‘29 and builds home. 160 ac in Sec 20, T11S R7E, pat ’31. Dirs: ‘30-31 “rancher.” ‘30 C: Lillie White, 46, widow.

WIDLICSKA, Paul B. (1889-1967). United Artists studio - friend of Harry Oliver and Ferd Sersen. Pres of BV Growers ‘30; built new home ’30. Donated to Truckhaven Road, ‘30 (of Los Angeles). Still owned land in valley, ‘50. Son, Alex. Dirs: 1931-35.

WILCOXSON, William C. 160 ac HS entry in SE¼ Sec 19, T11S R6E, ’29.

Wilkerson, Dewey J. ’40 C: age 28, b TX, farm laborer, living 3½ m NW of Borego PO. Wife, Leola, 25, b NM.

WILLIAMS, Edward. Dirs: 1933-35, well driller. GRV ‘32 (as Edwin O.), well driller, Rep.

WILLIAMS, Frank. 160 ac HS in Sec 6, T11S R7E, pat ’31. Ranch near Borrego Springs; built home ’28; living in Julian for winter of ‘29-30. Had wife and children

WILLIAMSON, Roderick. GRV ‘32, laborer, Dem.

WINDOLPH, John. First came to valley ca 1915. 160 ac DLA in Secs 5 & 6, T11S R6E, pat ’25; Visits from LA ’30; has built a new home on his ranch ‘30. Porter said not living in valley when she came in ’27. Sold all but 10 ac homesite to Roy Ensign ’32.

WOILLARD, Eugene P. (“Doc”). Lived in hotel at Little Borrego; offered dubious medical treatments there and from his “Princess Radium Health Car.” See Parker, Anza-Borrego Guide Book (1957) pp 49-51 for details and photos. ’40 C: age 83, b IL

WOOD, Bertam G. 320 ac DLA in Sec 22, T10S R6E, pat ’19.

WOODS, Harry (1874-1964). First visited valley in 1925; active in sale of Little Borego; sales mgr for Felicita Land & Water Co ’30; representing Fearneys ’31; also lived in Ocean Park. Porter sums him up in one word, “Promoter.” See Lindsay (2001) pp 365-66. Dirs: 1931-35. GRV: 1932, salesman, Rep; ‘48 (as S. Harry)

WOODS, Winston W., son. In valley by 1929. Grapes on Brininger R ’37. President of Anza Trail Assn., ’49. Dirs: 1933-35, 37.

WOODS, Fred G. (d 1986), another son. In real estate in Borrego Springs, 47-79; ‘52 – advertises 26 years in Borrego.

WOODS, John M. 80 ac HS entry in Sec 8, T11S R6E ’30.

WOOLSEY, Addie W. Came to valley in 1928. First teacher at Borego School 29-30. ‘30 C: age 59, teacher.

WYNN, Eslie A. (d 1935). 160 ac HS in Sec 15, T11S R6E, pat ‘21 (PO site), 160 ac DLA entry in Sec 18, T11S R7E ’29. Came to valley from Azusa (by 1919). First postmaster, 1928-32. Drove mail later. Started store, Sept ‘29. See Lindsay (2001) pp 367-68. Dirs: ‘29-34. GRV ‘32, postmaster, Rep. 1920 C: age 49, single. Born in Ohio. Dry Farmer. 1930 C: age 57, running grocery store

WYNN(E), G. 160 ac in Sec 10, T11S R6E, pat ’14.

YOUNG, Royal B. ’40 C: age 39, b WY, Deputy Sheriff, living ¼ m SE of Borego PO

YOUNG, Lillian G., his wife. ’40 C: age 33, b OK

    Children (per ’40 C): Charolette Y., age 12, and Monte L., age 4.

ZIGLER, James. Dirs: 1931-32


"Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public." -- Sir Winston Churchill.